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Friends and Heroes was created for families to share with their children! Our award-winning animated adventures have at least two Bible stories in every episode. Plus you will love our Music CD and its Song Time activities too! The Friends and Heroes DVD Club is an ideal way to collect all our DVDs month by month - and membership can be given to your family as a present. If you want to go into more depth you could share our Why does Easter matter? course as a family. On this page you can see our main products for families - for more information select the appropriate product category on the left menu. If you homeschool you will also be interested in our Homeschool Unit Studies - ideal for your 7 to 11 year olds!
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Friends and Heroes DVD Series 1 Pack Multi-Language Friends and Heroes Episodes 1 & 2 DVD Friends and Heroes Episodes 3, 4 and 5 DVD
DVD Series 1 Pack (Episodes 1-13) - Alexandria - slip-case with six DVDs Episode 1 - Long Journey - View Trailer
Episode 2 - A Friend in High Places - View Trailer
Episode 3 - Leviathan - View Trailer
Episode 4 - False Heroes - View Trailer
Episode 5 - True Heroes - View Trailer
Friends and Heroes Episodes 14 & 15 DVD Friends and Heroes Episodes 27 & 28 DVD Why does Easter Matter?
Why does Easter matter?
Our Price: $59.99

Episode 14 - One of Us - View Trailer
Episode 15 - Over Walls - View Trailer
Episode 27 - Gladiator School - View Trailer
Episode 28 - School's Out - View Trailer
An award-winning, DVD-based family and group study resource for Easter.
What about Love? Bible songs Inspired by Friends and Heroes Series 1
This CD contains 19 tracks, 13 inspired by the Bible stories from Series 1.