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Gift Membership

If you want your children or grandchildren to have something good to watch on TV, or you would like to donate Friends and Heroes to a school, church or club, etc - give them a gift membership! Every episode will entertain, inform and pass on great values, too. Aimed at providing children with heroic role models from the Bible, these high quality animations allow children not only to see and hear the stories but teaches them how to apply the meanings of the stories to their own lives.

You get all the benefits of DVD Club membership plus...

  • FREE gift card with their first DVD - tell us what you want it to say
  • Each DVD costs just $17.99 - saving $2.00 for personal copies, $19.99 for presenter's copies (including Public Display License and access to teaching materials) - you choose!

The Friends and Heroes DVD Club is a great opportunity to help someone build their very own collection of Friends and Heroes DVDs and become eligible for member-only offers. You can join at any time and the first DVD you select will be sent immediately to you or your gift recipient - future DVDs will be sent around the 15th of each month. This means that your second DVD could arrive within four weeks of your join date. Future DVDs will arrive regularly thereafter.

There are two types of membership you can set up as as gift.

Personal Gift Membership is ideal for family entertainment and home use. Each DVD costs only $17.99 instead of $19.99 - you save $2.00 per DVD.

Presenter Gift Membership is perfect for individuals or organizations who wish to present Friends and Heroes DVDs to groups - for example in a school, church or club - as this class of membership includes a Public Display License and access to quality teaching materials as long as membership continues. Each DVD costs only $19.99 making the license FREE!